1000+ Private-Public Screenings of An Island!

We are very proud and happy to let you know that there now is more than 1000 confirmed Private-Public Screenings of An Island. A number that excedes our wildest ambitions for this distribution method. In fact we were just hoping for 200 screenings when we came up with this idea and right now the counter tells us that 1080 screenings have been approved so far.

Here is a massive THANK YOU to the hosts and all the people that has attended the screenings. We have received a lot of photos from screenings across the globe. Some of them can be seen below and there is about 200 other photos available at flickr.com/photos/anisland.

Looking at these photos give us a feeling of community in a very big and global world. Thanks for that.

The Private-Public Screening project ends March 31st. As the sign-up process needs 11 days the last day to sign up to host a screening is on Saturday – March 19th. The capacity needs to be mininum 5 people and the event must be free. You can read a lot more about the rules and details at anisland.cc/home/host-a-screening

If you would like to attend a screening you can find a list of all of them at anisland.cc/home/attend-a-screening

A Private-Public Screening in Ipoh, Malaysia

A Private-Public Screening in Moscow, Russia

A Private-Public Screening in Copenhagen, Denmark


Vis stort kort

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2 Responses to 1000+ Private-Public Screenings of An Island!

  1. Valentin Jan says:

    Dans quelques mois à Montpellier hihi !
    J’ai hâte de voir ce film.

  2. sam banahan says:

    how can i get more information about the screening in Dublin, Ireland:)??

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