An Island Has Been Unleashed!

Yesterday January 31st the World Premiere of An Island took place at Pie Augusta Gallery in the 800 year old town Cēsis in Latvia. The screening was hosted by Raimonds Gusarevs who won the right to host the world premiere via a contest on

After the screening Raimonds emailed this to Efterklang and Vincent Moon:
"It's wild and awesome! It's beautiful and it's as subtle as it is rough, I liked it very much and so did the people. we were around 30 there"

You can see a photo from the World Premiere below.

Today February 1st the very first Private-Public Screenings of An Island take place. So far more than 380 people have signed up to host their own screenings throughout February and March. There are screenings across the globe in places like Alaska, Guam, Costa Rica, India, Russia, New Zealand and you name it!

This morning one of the world's first Private-Public Screenings took place at Tandslet Friskole on Als in Denmark. The school and pupils stars in An Island so we were happy to see them hosting the very first Private-Public Screening! You can see a photo from the screening below.

In addition to all these Private-Public Screenings there are also over 40 Official Screenings confirmed already. The majority of these will take place at Efterklang's concerts in February and March when they embark on their last European tour for a very long time.

The list of all Private-Public Screenings and Official Screenings
and this is where you sign up to host you own Private-Public Screening of An Island.

Raimonds Gusarevs (at the laptop) hosted the World Premiere in Cēsis, Latvia. Photo by Janis Viksna

One of the world´s first Private-Public Screenings of An Island took place this morning at Tandslet Friskole.

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