A Letter from India

We are asking every host of the Private-Public Screenings to send us a photo from their screenings. Quite often we also get some nice words with the photos. You can have a look at all the photos we have received so far at An Islands's flickr page

Last night we received the best letter yet and we have decided to post it here in its entirety and with the photo:


Dear Vincent Moon & Efterklang

Hellooooo from India !!!. Yes, tonight, i had a small private screening of your documentary feature 'An Island' and all of my friends loved the film. But before showing them the film, i had your music playing all evening on my stereo system, and i also showed them the official video of 'Cutting ice to a snow' and your performance from 'Performing Parades' of the same song (from your 'performing parades' dvd), in order for them to comprehend what kind of music your band plays and how tasteful your music is.

My friends have never heard about your band before and they were amazed on the fact on how i discovered your music. They have never heard such a brilliant fusion of electronica,classical,rock influences. Well over a year ago, neither did i !.

Then came the feature of the evening 'An island', which was completly captivating. A friend of mine termed the direction of the film more a style of 'dogma' direction. Very interestingly shot. They all loved the part where the school children used paper to make sounds while the band played and how lovely their voice sounded when they sand chorus lines.

I in particular, loved the part where you all were trying to capture sounds and then casper was holding this little radio in the forest and listening to some old classical radio. Beautifully shot. 'Raincoats' was a fabulous take, loved the part where the camera moves from Peter to Heather, when it's her turn to sing. 'Alike' sounded perfect for a rainy day. We were tapping our feet to the beat of the song.

I wish the documentary was atleast a 90 minute feature and you could showcase more songs with new versions. Please release an Audio CD with Live versions. Your live impromptu performances are simply brilliant!.

An Island will have an encore at my pad again in the coming weeks. You will have more fans from India soon.

In the mean time, please accept our THANK YOU for making a super documentary and for making great music. Attached is a picture of my friends who came by today to watch your film. (Picture info from Left to Right – Me (Bhavesh), Jayeti, Nimesh, Pooja, Abhimanyu, Purvi and Gaurav)




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2 Responses to A Letter from India

  1. Lisa says:

    Such a beautiful letter! Makes me want to see An Island even more.

    • Bhavesh says:

      Dear Lisa,

      If you madly love music and if you admire a band that makes beautiful music, you must the go watch the documentary at the nearest private or public screening of the film. OR better yet, just host the screening yourself and invite family and friends have a great time together.



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